August 3, 2018


UNDERSTANDING FIRSTFRUITS: Receiving the Blessing of a New Month

Each month of the year has a unique prophetic significance, and a unique blessing attached to it!   Every month and every year is different.                                                  

Dt. 26:   When Israel entered the land and received the harvest . . . They were t take the first portion of that harvest and go to the place of God’s Sanctuary.

To the ancient Jews, each month was a ne. Every month had its own meaning and purpose in God’s prophetic plan.  So at the beginning of each month they would gather for a special 1st Fruits celebration to honor the Lord and seek revelation for the month ahead. They knew if they could stay on God’s timing, they would prosper.  And guess what, it is still TRUE!

1stFruit Celebration every month will constantly keep you mind renewed, renew your thought process, and bring revelation about His Blessing.  Once I honor God with my 1st Fruit then He blesses the rest

Faith works in time and space.  1st Fruits is linked with finance and time.  We sanctify our finances by giving God our 1st Fruit and we sanctify our time by giving God a 1st Fruit. Linked with everything you are called to steward – give God the best of what you are stewarding and He gives you the revelation to walk in success  we are called to steward our finances and time

1stFruits is a KEY to living in the favor and prosperity of God

When we honor God by:                                                                                                                                                                                

- Giving Him the 1st of the crop makes the whole crop HOLY!                                                                                                    

- Giving Him the 1st of the income breaks the curse off finances.                                                                                                                

- Giving Him the 1st and best of our time…. His Blessing is released and our times are secured in HIM!  

1stFruits is Your Key to Your Future

Not about how much but it is your 1st, your best. The 1st offering sets the course for every blessing to be released, and sets the course for revelation for the month.  

WHY FIRST FRUITS?                                                                                                           

You are bringing yourself to the altar and God is watching over You and Your Inheritance

 ·       Reminds us that God is the source of ALL Blessing

·       Disciplines us to seek His Kingdom First

·       Stirs us to remember that HE is to Be our FIRST LOVE!

·       Gives us confidence that Our Father will ALWAYS Provide

·       Causes us to have and Expectation of Visitation

·       Enters us into the process of Watching our Inheritance mature and our Promises be Fulfilled

·       The FINAL INGATHERING is being developed in our hearts!  (Hebrew11:13-14; Ephesians 1:11,14,18; Colossian 1:12; 1 Peter 1:4


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