January 2, 2023

Hebrew Month of Tevet

Today is Monday December 26th or Tevet 2, 5783.

A new Month on the Fathers Calendar!

Summary: The tribe of Dan/Month of Tevet

Tevet: 29 or 30 days - December, January

Alphabet: AYIN — (eye, spring) – let your good eye see. War with the evil eye and break the power of evil watchers.

Tribe: Dan — to judge, grow up and mature.

Characteristics: The month of the ending of Chanukah: in the midst of destruction, there is mercy. A month of holy anger or righteous indignation; be angry but sin not. This month is a time to pray for your Commander in Chief. ( the one that was elected legally)

Review education for initiation into the next phase of life. This month is a good time to fast to purify the blood so your brain and heart function properly.

Constellation: Capricorn (the goat) — beware of making wrong alignments

Color/Stone: Dark Blue and Turquoise/Sapphire of Turquoise

Tevet is the tenth of the twelve months of the Jewish calendar. Ten is the number of godly authority. Pray for our Commander in Chief so godly authority is established. The enemy has great strategies in this month to pull leaders away. If you are not aware of this, you will not pray correctly for the leaders God has given you. The enemy knows when you have a good leader that is giving you the right revelation to move forward. One of the ways the enemy will try to get to you is through your leaders, which is why the Lord says to pray for them.

Tevet is also the number of testimony. The 10 commandments were in the Ark of the Testimony.

Tevet is associated with the Hebrew letter AYIN, which pictures an eye. This is a month to let your good eye see. Getting focused is very important as you war against the evil eye and break the power of evil watchers.

If you do not break the power of the evil eye this month, the power will try to guide you in the future. We must understand the evil eye structure, which is embedded in our culture and causes dark angels and evil structures to manipulate us.

The AYIN also pictures a spring of well. This month is a time for new life to flow.

Tevet is associated with the constellation of Capricorn, which pictures a goat. This is a dangerous time because you are going to see nations that are not allies of covenant, the goat nations, take a wrong turn. This is a month to leap forth, and a month to review education for initiation into the next phase of life.

The tribe associated with Tevet is the tribe of Dan. This is a month to judge, grow up and mature. Dan was the 5th son of Jacob and the 1st son of Rachel by her maid, Bilhah. His name means “to rule, to judge or to execute judgement.”

Pray for new, artistic, and creative expressions in worship this month, and ask God how to form a rear guard over the past season.

Pay attention to the prophetic words over your life so you do not miss your destiny.

Be willing to war when God calls you; stand for your inheritance and don’t back down.

Step on the serpent’s head this month.

(This post was put together by Susie Dekker Everts, a friend from Washington State!)

(From Zion Ignite...Psalm 23 is key for this year of 2023-This psalm is all bout protection, rest, supply, deliverance, warfare, and favor! Some say read it in the Passion Translation.)


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