February 4, 2023

Hebrew Month of Shevat

30 days - January/February

Alphabet: TZADIK - Symbolizes the "righteous one."

Tribe: Asher - "Pleasure, happiness, delicious, fatness; beware of the delicacies of the king."

Characteristics: This month righteousness becomes your foundation. It is a month to develop the plan of sustaining the generations. How will your olive tree blossom? During Shevat, look for those who are bringing pitchers of water to you. Also, this month, shout "My blessings are on the way!" Shevat is also the month when what you are tasting and meditating on produces the life or nourishment for your future.

Constellation: Aquarius (the water carrier) - your roots awaken to the water of life.

Color/Stone: Light Olive Green and Yellow/Citrine Quartz or Peridot

Shevat is the eleventh of the twelve months of the Jewish calendar. This month is linked with the tribe of Asher, and is usually a time to develop a plan to sustain the generations. Regroup concerning your kids and those you are involved with who are younger. The best question to ask yourself this month is "How does your olive tree blossom?" Read and meditate on Psalms 1 this month.

This is the time to connect with the trees in your field. Look at your field and see what is planted there. Who is planted in your field? Are the trees in your field ready to bear fruit? Actually Shevat is called the month of the new year of trees.

This is a good month to partake of food. If you go through a fasting process in January, you will reprogram your body on eating by February. If you get messed up in January, you are in danger of remaining messed up for a while. What you taste and eat produces the nourishment for your future. It is important to EAT the word this month so our bodies are healed and properly aligned! This way, we will be able to digest whatever God gives us to eat during the following months!

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