November 27, 2022

Keys to Kislev

Keys to Kislev

• This is the 9th month on the Hebrew calendar

• This month focuses on the tribe of Benjamin, the only son born to Jacob in the promised land. This points to keeping an eye on Israel this month, and because the body of Christ has been praying, Netanyahu came from nowhere to retain his position as Prime Minister!

We continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem!

• Benjamin is a warrior tribe, known for their skill with the bow and arrow. King Saul came from the this tribe, and when he and his son Jonathan were killed by the Philistines, King David released a powerful lament, called the ‘Song of the Bow,’ which honored Saul, in spite of his murderous tirade  against David.

• This month’s constellation is Sagittarius (the Archer) meaning prophetically ‘a time to fight against ungodly empires and cultures.’ (It would be a good time to read, “The Return of the Gods,” by Jonathan Cahn which details what God’s people are up against, and what is being uncovered in the world today!)                                                                                                          We are in a global conflict of ‘light vs. darkness!’

• We need to develop warfare strategies this month, and ironically, this is a month of rest, as the body of Christ must learn, as Graham Cooke says,  that ‘rest is a weapon.’ The term for this month, “Kislev, comes from the Hebrew word which means ‘security’ and ‘trust,’ so we are called to rest in spite of the conflict we are in.

We war ‘from victory,’ not for victory, since satan, the eternal loser, was defeated at Calvary!

As part of the Ekklesia, the government of God, we must enforce the victory Jesus, has paid for with his sufferings.

• We need to tap into the ‘rivers of living water’ that are within us! Move past former traumas! It’s a new day, even though a pressing day!

• Kislev is a good month to review your support system. Who are you aligned with? Who has your back? Which relationships need to be reassessed, so they are or become lifegiving?

Also is God calling you to do any major shift?

Shawn Bolz has a powerful message about relationships on Youtube about possibly making a shift. It's called Relational Alignment...check it out!

• Other revelations on this month can be found in A Time to Advance, by Chuck Pierce and Robert and Linda Heidler, P. 307, Hebrew Month of Kislev, by Christine Vales, her YouTube channel, and Kingdom Advance Network, with Maria Fox and Jenny Watson on Youtube.

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