November 30, 2021

The Feast of Hanukkah-Peace

The third candle we light for Hanukkah, is the peace candle. Peace trumps all manifestations of anger, bitterness, worldly ambition, strife, and division, to name a few. Supernatural peace flows from the Prince of Peace himself, Jesus (Yeshua)the anointed one, who shares that anointing with his family. Peace is a weapon against the spirits that oppose it. James 1:20 says, ‘the anger of man will not produce the righteousness God requires,’ is one example!

Peace was proclaimed at Jesus birth; peace was promised to his disciples; peace was achieved at the cross; Jesus proclaimed the good news of peace; He is our peace; He enables us to have peace with God; Yeshua establishes peace in the church; He guides us in the way of peace; He blesses us with peace; Romans 16:20 also says, 'the God of Peace will soon crush Satan under our feet;' Yeshua even enables us to die in peace.  Shalom, shalom!

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