March 12, 2022

Preparing for Purim

Preparing for Purim (and Passover!)

We are living in interesting times. There is upheaval all around us; gas prices are skyrocketing, inflation has investors turning to hedge their bets with gold and silver, and wars and rumors of wars, near and far have doomsday prophets crying, “Gog, and Magog! The end is near!”

One of the clues of these circumstances may be, according to one, “Something is dreadfully wrong when CNN and the Church are singing from the same hymn book!”

Most people have learned by now, that the mainstream media is no longer reporting news, but rather, trying to set an agenda. There are a few still being deceived, but the tide is turning toward true discernment as people are dissatisfied and now long for the truth.

Jesus was speaking to today, when he said, “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness!” Matt. 5:8

I like the Message version that says, “You’re blessed when you get your inside world---your mind and your heart put right. Then you can see God in the outside world!” We need to see and hear God, in order not to be deceived by the enemy.

My favorite thing is to see God at work, in the day to day, in the details, as well as in the big stuff….

In a biblical flash back to the days of Queen Esther, there was intrigue and corruption in the corridors of power, as it is today. As her people were decreed to be destroyed, by the anti-Semite Haman, God used her and her cousin Mordecai, to reverse the death decree, and bring life and healing to the Jewish people. It’s a true story!

This is what God wants to do for his remnant church, today! To bring restoration, protection, and healing, just like in Esther’s time; just like during the Exodus, when God’s people were protected by living in Goshen, where no plagues occurred.

I am expecting next week to be one of breakthrough. As God’s people continue in faith, I believe unrighteous rulers that have cast truth into the streets will receive justice in the same vein which God delivered to Haman. God always seem to act by his own calendar, and next week may be no different!

It would be good to read through the book of Esther before the feast of Lots (feast of Esther) which on the calendar is the Hebrew month Adar 2, 16-18th of March.

See how God will use this story as a model of His people, triumphing over their enemies! Shabbat, shalom!  (And join us for us celebration of Purim on March18th at 7PM. at Zion Ignite, across from theaters at the Western Mall.)

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